Something's Wrong We can't load your screen right now..(Things Tab)

This issue is present on my iPhone 6, Galaxy, Wife’s iPhone, Daughter’s iPhone, Son’s iPad, and any other device I’ve tried…Was on hold for about 40 minutes waiting on Samsung Support and then after 30 minutes of trying the obvious stuff: Uninstall App; Log Out; Refresh; etc…I have to wait now on a call back.

Been like this for over a week. Funny thing is I can access all of my things if I go to the Room Tabs.

Anyone else have/had this issue? I think this might have something to do with webCoRE not loading as well…

known issue

Is there a known solution?

not that I know of. Use the new app? :laughing:

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That’s just mean :wink:.


same issue for me as well.

Same issue here. Cannot use the new app due to Alarm System.