Automations -> SmartApps won't load. [Known Issue]

After going through a new app install via GetHub, I get an error message saying that mobile app can’t load my SmartApps page through the Automations tab. I’ve uninstalled the smart app, thinking that might have hanmpered it but nothing changes.

Anyone else having this issue on the mobile app? I went ahead and opened a support ticket, but I, curious if this is a temp system issue or not.

I’m having the same issue but not after an app install, after the iOS app update that I downloaded this morning.

Seems to be related to the newest version of the mobile app. If you have automatic updates, then that would’ve happened on its own.


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Please open a support ticket. A few of us have done so already.

Already done, as stated in the original post.

Sorry missed it.

Another flawless update from ST. :clap:

Just stopping by to report I have this issue as well