SmartApp or Routine help? (Disable HVAC routine when stepson is away)

I have a situation that I haven’t been able to figure out. I hope some of you experts can help me get through it.
The second floor of my house has it’s own furnace (without central air) controlled by a zwave (smartthings integrated) thermostat. Both of my kid’s bedrooms are on the second floor. One of my kids goes to his bio-dad’s every other weekend.

I have a routine that heats or cools his room depending on what is needed but it runs every day, no easy way to disable it. It uses a few different smartapps and a mode to set things as needed.
Aeon multisensor (step kids room)
Appliance switch (step kids room) window ac attached to this switch.
Zwave thermostat in the hallway.
The second kid isn’t in her own room yet at only 3 months old.
Virtual Presence device for step kid. I can toggle this on it off manually - this is done.
Only run a routine when his VPS says he is home. It’s not an option in scheduling the routine.

Any ideas? Many thanks in advance!

Can you post the screenshots of the routine that you are currently using to control this?