Temporarily disable routines

Does anyone know of a quick way to temporarily disable routine? My wife and I are heading out of town and my brother-in-law is coming to watch the dog and stay overnight. I have routines set up to turn off everything when we both leave the house using proximity sensing.

I like my BIL enough that I don’t want him sitting in the dark.

Make up a new mode quick and make the routine not run when in that mode…

Create a new mode. I have one called “Babysitters”, for example.

In your routine, under “Automatically perform…”, tap on “Additional settings”.

In there, set the “Don’t automatically do this if I am in one of these modes” to your new mode.


Lend him one of your Presence Sensors?


I created a virtual presence device called “Sitter” that is tied to my away routines. Whenever we leave I flip it to present so that routines stay like someone is home.

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I also have a babysitter mode that disables the alarm and other automations when no adult is home. But also adds notifications if the sitter goes in areas they shouldn’t.

Liquor cabinet, Bedrooms, etc.

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I’m going to resurrect this thread… I have a similar add-on question for this one. I have routines like a morning alarm that works only Monday-Friday, it dims up the lights and turns on the Sonos in the bedroom.

Seeing tomorrow is Memorial Day, we won’t be going to work and no need to have an alarm set… what would be the best way to do this?

Still setup a mode and just call it Day Off or Vacation Home or something?


May not work with routines, but in Core, I have virtual on/off switches for all my pistons. In the beginning I put the statement “If XXX is on, then…” This way when I don’t want a rule to run I simply turn the switch off.

Reminds me, better turn off the Piston that wakes my kids for school since tomorrow is a holiday. Thanks!


Sure it can work in CoRE too…just use a uDTH…control the switch with CoRE and add it as lux sensor in the routine…

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I would assume if someone is using Core, they wouldn’t be using routines. But maybe so…

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I have the same issue, as screscenti and I don’t know how to deal with it.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day, and I don’t need the morning routine to turn on.
What should I do? I’m a begginer, by the way.

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For now and so you don’t have to change your whole setup just add the days of the week to the Routine to run it on like screenshot:

In the future, look at creating a virtual switch as was mentioned that you could tun on off that would prevent things from running, or add a custom Mode in addition to Home, Away, Night and then consider moving from Routines to webCoRE.

Thank you, I will look into that as well.

So the short answer is no.

Yeah, looks that way. It boggles the mind how the simplest of things seem to escape the product managers at ST. A simple toggle for a lengthy setup seems almost too obvious to overlook. My use case is turning on and off holiday decorations. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s; my wife has different setups for all of those and more. And, come to find out, the only way to disable them is to contrive some sort of non conflicting mutually exclusive mode system such that the automations you want to run are enabled and those you don’t are not. Or, remove everything from the automation? Wow! I guess I could do that, but, this was supposed make things easier, and not require multivariate calculus or N depth recursive algorithm theory from my wife.

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I believe this is implemented as a simple toggle switch (per automation) in the new SmartThings App.

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Thanks. I downloaded the app, but, still waiting for the migration tools. I might just blank everything, get a 2 hub, and start over with the new app…

Thanks again.

A little patience is quite valuable. I wouldn’t recommend the new App yet. Even for new customers.

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I second and third what Terry stated. You are only asking for trouble. Use the SmartThings Classic app and wait until ST announces that they will officially be cutting over to the new app.

If you want to look and browse on it, that’s fine, but for a ton of people it has broken all functionality in their environment. It is sharig the same IDE as folks using the Classic app, yet, it doesn’t have a 10th of the functionality yet. Proceed with caution and don’t complain if something breaks :slight_smile:

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