Routines and Scheduling-- how do you manage your thermostats?

Right now both of my thermostats are programming in their own software at the thermostat. I would like to move that to ST. I would also like to have it use a different temperature setting based on presence and/or routines. I might also like to run a different lighting schedule (currently using Smart Lights) based on my presence/routine.

Is this possible and what path should I look at for accomplishing this? Also I’d be interested to hear what others do differently in your houses based on if you are home or not.


pretty straightforward to do with routines. Our goodbye routine sets the heat/cool temps to save energy. The i’m back routine sets them to our comfortable settings.

Welcome! :sunglasses: What’s the brand and model of your current thermostat? Or are you thinking about replacing it with a smart model?

Meanwhile, you might want to take a look in the community – created wiki in the project report section at the “get started” list. There are a lot of interesting topics there that might give you some ideas, including some specific to using routines.

They’re both zwave enabled already. I manually alter them via the ST app.

I’m not looking to just set a temp when I am home and set another when I am away. Instead I am looking running a schedule and the temps in that schedule would be different. For example in the summer I have the upstairs go down to 75 at 9pm. I would like that to maybe go to 78 if I’m not home and 75 if I am. Then the morning it goes back up to 85 upstairs.

A long time ago I modified a little smart app that made sure the thermostats were in sync and that the upstairs was always x degree warmer than the downstairs. But I need to add some more meat to that because it just always maintains the x number of degrees. During the day however, I usually have the upstairs at 85 and the downstairs at 75.

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I’ll dig through the smart apps for hvac. There seems to be a ton of them.

What else are people doing based on home/away?

I would look at webCoRE. It’s a ST app that provides easily configured but very powerful logic. I use it extensively with my HVAC to coordinate fan settings and temperature settings based on presence and time of day. Here’s a wiki to get you started:


Thanks, Carson. That seems very robust. Right now I am trying the “basic 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat” and it seem to be working.

This is my first dive into utilizing the home/away/night modes.

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I use Routines. I don’t really use the schedule in my Ecobee for temps. SmartThings controls the temp based on routines.