My app not appearing in IOS mobile app

Hi, I’ve published a new application (for the first time) in the smartthings developer IDE.
I’m going through both automation and marketplace to look for my app and it’s not showing.
I’m using Add a SmartApp, then going to My Apps at the bottom, the next tab is blank.
I’ve logged out and logged back in. My mobile device is an android.
How long should it take for the IDE and mobile app to sync?


Do you login to IDE with ? What version of the app are you on?

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I was logged in to which redirected me here:

my mobile smartthings app is:
Version 2.15.1
build number 218914


If you are publishing a Smartapp or Device Handler in the IDE, then you need to login to After you login, you will be redirected to your correct shard (url) which probably isn’t graph.api…

After you create and publish your Smartapp or device handler:

For Device Handler:

You need to go to devices and either add a new device or edit an existing device and modify the Type to the Device Handler that you created and published.

Then you can goto Things in the mobile app and select the device and whether it contains everything from your device handler.

For SmartApp installation:

After you have created and published your Smartapp code on the correct shard for your account it will show up in the Marketplace under My Apps for you to actually install it.

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Great, that helps. I was confused over the shard issue.

i’ll give it a try.


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Also see this, it might help.

Update: Ignore the above. On looking at it further, the above link adds to the confusion.

People shouldn’t have to go through the extra step by logging to the graph.api… url and then going to Locations to be able to function.

We have previously been told that the official login page is in the world of today which automatically redirects the majority of customers to their correct shard immediately after logging in.

This just adds one more point of confusion for newer customers coming in. We have spent the last several months updating community posts from the old days when graph.api… was the url to login with.

So many community members have spent the effort relaying the information to all the community members here directing them to login through


@WB70 Actually you are correct. The official login page is indeed and my response only muddles what was clear before. Apologies, and thanks!


Using the address worked.
My app showed on my android app.
I’m trying to get a dash button working. Now when i push it my server.js running on my raspberry pi responds with “Notify server address and port not set!”
One thing at a time I guess.

thanks for your help!

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Open another topic or find an existing topic on the Dash. You will get better results that way.

Glad you got one piece going though. :slight_smile:

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