SmartApp test

Hi. I have created an smart app using ngrok webhook endpoint. now I can see it using GetAnApp request in SmartThings API. But when I want to see the installed apps it returns nothing. And when I use GetAnInstalled app to see it I see the forbidden error 403. Isn’t registering an smart app enough? Should I install it after it? If yes, how can I do it

Once you have successfully registered a Webhook SmartApp the next stage is to ‘deploy it to test’. That makes it appear in your mobile client app if you have enabled developer mode. Last time I checked there was no way to deploy an app without using the Developer Workspace.

A deployed app should appear on the Discover page in the Routines section of the tab if it has the ‘Automation’ category. I don’t know if the alternatives are actually available to end users.

That is when you get to start testing the app. If the app works correctly it will take you through the configuration lifecycle you have defined for it and then onto the install lifecycle. When that is completed you then have an instance of an ‘installed app’. Depending on how you have defined the SmartApp you can have multiple instances of a SmartApp running and each is an ‘installed app’.

I found my app but when I try to install it. I get an error and the installation will not happen.I get error below:
Something went wrong.Please try to install the SmartApp again
Is it possible that I have registered wrong? Cause there were no filters or errors when I was registering my app

I haven’t done this for a while and I can’t remember what errors the mobile app shows. I seem to remember that they aren’t specific and you have to figure out what is wrong.

So I would be looking at the SmartApp to see what requests it has received and checking whether it has responded correctly.