SmartApp mobile app error

Hi. I have created an smartapp using. I used the developer workspace for it. I can now see the app available in my mobile app but the problem is in the installation progress. When I try to install it I receive error. How can I fix it?

How developed is your SmartApp? Does it handle the CONFIGURATION, INSTALL and UPDATE lifecycles correctly? That is what is happening when you install an app.

I think SmartThings really expect you to have built and tested your app ‘offline’ before you start the creation/registration/install processes.

No it doesn’t. I just handled the confirmation lifecycle. what should I do after it? from the developer workspace I registered the app and I got the confirmation from it. What should I do next? I thought I just should deploy it to test and then use SmartThings mobile app to install it in developer mode

The error in SmartThings app is below:

In the simplest terms you need to finish writing your app. The idea is really that you write and test the app outside of the SmartThings environment so when you integrate it into SmartThings you don’t get errors, or you at least get less of them and they are easier to deal with.

When you ‘run’ a working app from the mobile client you will see that it first displays a simple user interface comprising of one of more pages of configuration questions. This is the CONFIGURATION lifecycle in action. Your app is being sent requests for each configuration page as it is required. Once that is completed the app enters the INSTALL and UPDATE lifecycles. In the former your app will deal with things it only needs to do when it is first installed. In the latter it does things that take account of possible configuration changes. That’s a good place to set up subscriptions and schedules. Once that is all done the user interface is closed down and your app is now a running ‘installed app’ waiting for events to happen.

So hopefully your app will have received a CONFIGURATION request and it now needs to respond appropriately. So you will have to work through each request in turn until everything starts working.

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the problem is that I can’t open the app. When I tap on it I get the error I provided it’s picture before. Can you tell me the step’s on completely creating and installing an app? At first I used the developer workspace and then I got the confirmation of registering my app. after this what should I do?

Hello @Kiarash_Kianian, you can take a look at this documentation to see the steps you need to follow.
Hope this may help you.