Having issues installing a smartapp

Is ST having issues again around this time? (3pm ET)

I’ve installed the same smartapp (custom) about 20 times and it never seems to show up in the mobile app, in the ide (in the device page, “in use by smartapps”), etc. However, I do see my “updated()” function running from the smartapp.

Yeah, I’ve had this same issue and reported it to support. but the auto response said 36 hour response time. I am getting alerts from the ghost smart app I installed though. But it isn’t listed on the mobile app or on the ide as being installed.

okay, now I’m seeing a copy of the smartapp being installed, but with NOTHING configured in it. I guess ST is having a Bad Day. It must be Monday.

Oh, and I don’t bother with support@ anymore. I can summarize the responses I’ve seen from them here:

  • We don’t support anything involving anything involving custom device types or smartapps. Use the forum.
  • (24+ hours after I’ve submitted the problem): Everything seems to be working now.
  • Reboot the hub?

good news for me it is a ST app I installed. Just checked again. Still not showing in app or ide. and I did reboot :wink:

More info:

I updated the smartApp code to display some debug info:

def installed() 
    log.debug "installed!"

def updated() 
    log.debug "updated!"

def initialize() 
    log.debug "init A"
	subscribe(windows, "contact.open", openHandler)
    log.debug "init B"
	if (nightOnly)
		// force updating the sunrise/sunset data
    log.debug "init C"

I saved, published for myself, and went to add it from the mobile app. Here’s what I got to see in the log window:

a66bbadc-d879-418e-8367-54e8e6fe27c1 3:31:55 PM: trace Deleting all scheduled jobs for InstalledSmartApp: a66bbadc-d879-418e-8367-54e8e6fe27c1
That’s it. None of my debugging log entries showed up.

Being that support@ won’t support this, who can I whine to, @April?

Try installing one of standard smart apps you don’t already have through the mobile app and see if it has the same problem. If so, you can report that to support.

On it. :slight_smile: Stand by.


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Odd - when I install it (same options selected) from the IDE, everything appears to work. Uninstall and try again from the mobile app, and I get the same failure (and symptoms) mentioned above.

Hey @garyd9,
Here you go, this is the message I got from our engineer:


dynamicPage(name: “prefs”, uninstall: true)


dynamicPage(name: “prefs”, uninstall: true, install: true)

The documentation says that that option is not necessary for single page preferences, but I believe since he is creating a separate function for his page it is required for some reason. I will follow up with the developers and Jim to see if we need to change the documentation.


Well, THAT’s interesting.

This (and another unpublished smartApp) was the first time I was using “dynamicPage()” for single page settings. (I needed to do it that way to pull the HH phrases.) I did notice that I had to add an ‘uninstall’ tag (contrary to the docs), but didn’t think to add an “install” tag because the “DONE” button was there.

Well, thank you @April and thank you Anonymous Engineer.

Take care

Shuan is the engineer in question. However, I wonder if we can collectively call them something like SmartDevs (still trying to coin this term!) or, AnonymousEngineers. They should have a cool video and wear horse masks . We’ll sync Mylo bands with ST, and do a syncronized Dance---- Okay. I’ll show myself out.

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You are an unusual person. Please don’t ask the ST engineers to do anything like that. If they are anything like me, they’d resign first.


No, sadly, no one will follow.

I still hope that someone will integrate the Mylo bands with ST, and do some kind of cool video demonstration.

If they are anything like me, they’d already be working on their choreography. :horse::panda_face::horse: :notes:

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Yes! Horse Masks!

I now expect this on a Developer Discussion!

Being she came up with the idea, I think @April should set the example and wear a “horse mask” for the duration of the dev conference call tomorrow evening.

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Gary, I suppose you’re right. Engineers would rather leave than wear a mask and dance. as I would rather give you that darn t-shirt you pester about, than to wear that on a recorded con-call. you win. I wave the white flag.

Great. When can I expect the t-shirt? :wink:

Jokes on you. I’m sending you the winning T-shirt from the developers contest instead. :smiley:

Hey, plenty of engineers like dancing!

Tagline: Engineers are amazing!. :space_invader:

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