SmartApp not installed

Hi. I’ve created some apps in three aways : Developer Workspace, Smartthings API and Smartthings CLI.
But I don’t know why I can’t see some of them in my installed apps list API request.
I’m sure that their creation status is CONFIRMED. What should I do?

The obvious question is have you created installed installed instances of all the apps? By which I mean have you successfully published all the apps to ‘test’ so they are visible on the Routines > Discover page of the mobile app and then started installing them without errors?

It is when you click on a SmartApp in the list on the Discover page that you are creating an installed instance of the app and that is when you should see something in the installed apps list. When you start configuring it you should then see an installed app with a status of PENDING, and when you get past the configuration and authorize the app you should see the status change to AUTHORIZED.

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The problem is that I can’t see them in my mobile app. after creation the smart apps using developer workspace or smartthings api using postman, when I go to the mobile app and turn the developer mode on, I can’t see them to install them. 2 of my apps which are installed before, where there I could see them but when I clicked on them, the installation couldn’t complete

Ah OK. You should be able to see apps that you create and then publish to test in the Developer Workspace. I never discovered how to do the same thing with apps created using the API outside of the Developer Workspace.

I was discussing this with the team about this situation, and unfortunately, the only possible way to deploy a SmartApp to test at the moment is to use the Developer Workspace. There are some endpoints related to SmartApp, and the CLI also has some commands, we will share this information with the team and provide feedback.