SmartApp - Different temperature settings for "Away" mode based on time of day

I would like to have a smartapp that would allow different “Away” temperatures based on morning or evening. To be more specific I would want the ac cooling to be 78 degrees during the day while I am away at work, but while I am away at home only 75 degrees. Any suggestions?

Sorry, but I don’t understand…

How can you be “away” and “at home” at the same time?

Sorry, when I am “Away” in the evening timeframe. Anytime I would become “Away” after I arrive home from work and before I would go to bed. I would like that “Away” temp to be different than when I am “Away” during work.

Hi @dbossio,

Have you defined different ‘Away’ scenarios based on your own customized ST hello modes that you want to use for thermstat settings or you just want to define different thermostat schedules for the day?

In both cases, you can use the following smartapp:

Please read the description, and hopefully, it will meet your requirements (and more).


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The “built-in” options without using a special SmartApp:

  • Use two or more Hello Home Actions… Each with its own temperature and time range. Hello Home Actions can do a lot, but perhaps confusing if you have a lot of scheduled ones.

  • Create more compound modes (presence + time period)… “Away Day”, “Away Evening”, “Away Vacation”, etc.

Thank you Yves, that smartapp looks awesome and I am going to give it a go.

The problem I had with the built-in option is that it did not give a time range, just a start time. So I felt that presence plus specific start time wouldn’t cut it. As I could go away at any time during the evening.

Isn’t this the case or am I missing something on the Action time settings available? I am new to ST and appreciate the help. :smile:

Hi @dbossio,

I don’t know about the built-in option, but I know that my smartapp can meet the following 2 requirements:

  • For each schedule, ST users can define the start & end times…
  • Ability to set your smart thermostat (ex. ecobee, Nest, Honewell) to ‘Away’ or ‘Present’ based on all rooms’ motion sensors

If this is want you want to do, then there is a match.

Otherwise, somebody else on the forum may recommend a different approach. All roads lead to Rome…

Bye for now.


The Hello Home Action’s are really just “SmartApps” themselves, but unfortunately, their code hasn’t be shared with us. That, and there aren’t a lot of tutorials or best-practices for using them.

The theory behind the HH architecture is to avoid needing specialized SmartApps for a certain set of common use cases, even if you end up stacking up may HH Actions to represent your home automation routines & daily patterns, etc…

But, the HH SmartApp is far from comprehensive, and there are many, many more streamlined ways to focus on a particular task (like thermostats and alarm modes) which have been considered by various Community Developers who’ve written tailored SmartApps.

Both “concepts” can live in the ST universe where all those roads lead to rome (via @yvesracine) … some roads are just faster than others.

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