App suggestion for Honeywell Lyric Thermostats

I have just got Honeywell Lyric round thermostat, integration with ST was easy and I can manually operate it via ST.
There are few problems however

  1. when I automate temperature settings based on mode, it changes both thermostat value.
    What I mean is, say when my mode changes to away from home(in my Honey I’m home routine) I have set to change first floor temperature to 72, but ST changes both thermostats to 72 Degree. Same happens during good night routine.
  2. no way of setting up temperature based on time and location

So I was wondering if there is any smart app around which can do following

  1. Let me automate both thermostats separately based on modes(home,away,night)
  2. When I’m coming back to home, say when I’m X miles away, it turns on thermostats based on time, ex during day start first floor and during night start second floor,etc

So when you look at things in the app you can see the two individual thermostats? In the routine you have only the 1st floor thermostat checked to the acted upon?

Not sure what you mean by controlling temp based on time and location. Can you explain a little more?

Sorry for not being clear earlier.

Yes, in my routine I have selected just first floor thermostat in ‘goodnight’ and yet it changes both floor(??)
Also there is no option to individually select temperature via routing, say during goodbye i want first floor at 58 and second floor at 60 degree.

Controlling temp based on time and location:

Scenario 1: I come home at 5:00 PM from work(well I can dream at least), when I’m away from home say 2 miles, set first floor temp to say 72
scenario 2: I come home from party at 10:00 PM, when I’m away from home 2 miles as above, set second floor temp to 72 and do nothing with first floor thermostat.
scenario 3: when I leave from home, set first floor to xx and second floor to yy.

I can certainly do schedules on honeywell lyric app, but then any change from smartthing end disrupts the scheduler from honeywell.

Yeah, I don’t get why that’s happening with your goodbye routine either. You could try looking in the IDE to make sure what smartapps are interacting with both your thermostats. You might start there just to make sure there isn’t another app or routine involved that you may have forgotten about. After that, I think you might need support to help you figure out why both thermostats are reacting to a routine that should only be affecting one.

There is always more that one way to accomplish things in ST. I could see a way to set temps based on leaving work and even after a waiting period once you have left work. Now, how you do it based on being a certain distance from home is not one I have ever thought about. I’m sure someone else can probably offer some help there. Perhaps Life 360, although I have never used that service.

Thank you PhilB.
I’m sure interacting with them individually is not that difficult, but automating based on distance and time… Not sure haven’t found any app till now, I was searching in community forum.