Honey I'm home modifications

(Douglas Drake) #1

I’m wondering if the Smart Apps can be easily modified to address the following concern:

  1. My good night app turns down the thermostat at 10 pm,

  2. If I am away, the thermostat is also turned down and when I return, the thermostat is turned up.

Normally, these two apps work well…but if I return home after 10 pm, the thermostat is turned up.

Is it possible to modify the return home action to apply only if it’s before 10 pm?

(Calvin Robertson) #2

I ended up creating an evening away mode that is set by a hello home phrase at sunset. A separate hello home phrase changes the mode back to away at sunrise. I set the “I’m back” phrase to only apply when the mode is away and created a separate “I’m back late” phrase to apply during the evening away mode. This phrase sets my thermostat to my evening preferences I also ended up creating a leaving late phrase to apply when if I leave while in evening mode. This also helps in situations where we leave in the daytime and return in the evening.

(Dave N) #3

Exactly what I have, a phrase called I’m Back Night. If I get called to work at night I didn’t want the furnace kicking back on when I got home at 2 am.

(Douglas Drake) #4

I’m not sure how to use the Smart Apps with a conditional property…that is …only turn on the furnace when the time is before or after a given time?

(Dave N) #5

I think the only way to do this at the moment is to create another mode. Then allow your normal app to access only day and evening modes and create another instance of the app to only run in night mode.

(Calvin Robertson) #6

The way to accomplish this is as follows:

  1. Create two new modes: evening and evening away- the modes are accessed by tapping the the three bars at the top by the word dashboard, and then clicking the gear at the top.
  2. Go to the hello home interface by clicking the message in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard screen.
  3. Tap the gear in the lower right hand corner to configure the hello home phrases.
  4. Add a new action called switch to evening. Configure it to change the mode to evening. Set it to automatically perform the action at sunset or a time of your choosing. Set it to not perform this action if the current mode is evening away or away. Also set this action to change your thermostat to evening values
    5.Create an action to switch the mode to evening away if everyone leaves while the mode is evening. Have this action set your thermostat values to what you want when you are away. Also set this action to only execute if this mode is evening
    6.Create an action to change the mode to evening when someone returns. Set this action to only occur if the mode is evening away. Also have the thermostat reset to the evening values.
    7.Create another action to set the mode to evening away at a time of your choosing if the current mode is away.
    8.Create an action to switch the mode back to away at a time of your choosing if the mode is evening away

This should allow the mode to set to an evening state that will have your thermostat values. If you have two people with presence sensors. If only one leaves, the temperature stays where it’s at. If all leave the temperature goes to an away value and returns to the evening value if you return during the evening time. I’m hoping I got all the steps, but even if I didn’t. It hopefully will give you an idea how to work with actions and modes.

(Douglas Drake) #7

Thanks to all for the valuable help…All is well !