Different thermostat temperatures based on time of day and presence of users

Can anyone tell me the best practice for controlling thermostats based on the time of the day plus whether I’m there or not?

I’d like for the “away” temperature to start to get a little more comfortable near the time I usually arrive home but not go all the way to my “home” temperature.

I also have 2 thermostats that I’d like each to have different values during each mode.

I just switched from Iris and the first gen climate control had a pretty nifty setting that would do just that. From my brief experience with smartthings I know it’s capable but i just can’t figure out the best way to do it. Thank you for your help!

I use an app called “Keep Me Cozy” to change the thermostat, and I added a mode for “Pre-Arrival” set by schedule and nobody home…

This is how I do it. One for each floor. Note the restrictions. I have two more pistons one for sleep and one for away. Mix and match to your heart’s content.