Smart Weather Tile Display Forecast?


I recently added the Smart Weather Monitor to the new Smart Things app. When I open it I can see categories from the weather station for illuminance, humidity, temperature and UV index. In the IDE event log I can see the weather tile is receiving a considerable amount more data including forecast and current condition. I would like to create an automation that turns lights on based on the current condition outside, but a new weather station automation only allows me to select variables that appear on the tile within the app. Is there a way to add to the current condition to display on the tile so I can create this automation? Am I missing something here?


I am not sure about the one you are using but I wrote this one [Release] The Weather Company SmartApp: the “poor guy” weather station with event based switches automation
it allows to trigger things upon min/max temp, humidity, snow/rain/storm alerts.


If I could take a look I could see if I can figure anything out. (Maybe, maybe not) But I couldn’t find a new device called SmartWeather Monitor. Do you mean SmartWeather Tile 2.0? I hope not because I can’t get that one working at all.

But if you could tell me where to get the SmartWeather Monitor I will install and see.

Thank you, I will give it a try!

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