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Having some simple (and I am going to guess stupid) issues with the Smart Weather Station Device type. I have looked through a ton of the threads here and seen the smartapp that RBoy has developed, but I cant even get past step 1.
I install the stock SmartWeather Station Device and I see no weather data at all (on the IDE or the app). I feel like I am missing something really simple and stupid but I dont see it any of the threads. Have a v2 hub if that mattes. Appreciate your help in advance!

Have you set your location in the SmartThings app?

If yes, then go to the Classic app. Find the “Weather Test” device, go to the device settings, remove your ZIP code. Save the settings and hit refresh.

If it is still not working after this then go to the Live Logging and look for the device’s messages, when you hit refresh in the Classic app.

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That was it. Wow! You just made my week. I had the app set to not use my location on Android. And for the life of me I could not figure out why the Weather tile would not work. Thank you so much!!

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