New weather feature

Thanks for adding weather conditions to the available automation options. It would be great if wind conditions could also be added. Forecasted conditions would also be great.

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Agreed! I love the direction that the weather is going!

My personal weather requests would be to:

  • Allow us to choose two things! I want my kitchen light to come on if it’s cloudy OR rainy, in one automation.
  • Illuminance/lux plz. It’s why I haven’t switched yet from my custom tile. I love using lux in automations.

Additionally, I’d be curious to know how small the weather radius is. It’s got my address listed as the spot for weather, but is it pulling from my zip? From the airport’s weather station 20 min away? It’d be good to know so I can understand if my personal weather isn’t matching up with the zipcode’s weather.


As for the new Weather feature in the SmartThings app update, it has so far not worked at all in any of my attempts to try and use it as a trigger for Automations. In fact, this morning when it’s just 65° outside, it’s displaying 97° right now. So, it’s not that efficient for me right now.

I also have the SmartThings Weather Station device (SmartWeather Station Tile) loaded from the IDE and it’s rock solid all the time triggering my Automations that use it and displaying all the weather conditions, forecasts, and alerts for my location.

I’m curious why they just didn’t use the SmartThings Weather Station device as the source since they already had the device handler available in their device templates list.

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I agree on the additional points you are making, after I wrote my comment I realized that I could not choose two conditions at once such as clear and cloudy.

Illuminance is definitely a must!

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I have also not been able to get it to work. In my test I have tried each of the four condtions by themselves to send a notification and got nothing. I then changed them to turn on a light and still got nothing.

I am an Android v.9 user.

Good afternoon everyone. Is it possible to get an update as to when this will be up and running. It seems that the update was released half baked.

I was wanting a notification if I left my window open and it was going to rain. Used temperature to test this yesterday, window already open, I assumed this would notify me when the temperature dropped to 72°. It did not work.

This afternoon the temperature is 82° and I got a notification when I opened the window…