Illuminance from weather tile? (April 2019)

I wonder if anyone can help with this. I used the illuminance reading from the Smart Weather Tile 2.0 with the smart light smartapp in order to turn lights on on motion events but only when it was dark enough. A number of weeks ago it stopped working and at that time I found that the illuminance data was still populating in the original “Smart Weather Tile” so long as I didn’t have a post code filled in. So I just amended all the smart lighting automations to use the Smart Weather Tile instead of Smart Weather Tile 2.0 and all was good.

2 days ago the illuminance data stopped coming in again and this time it seems I cant get any of the weather data to refresh unless my postcode is filled in and even then the lux reading stays at 10 so my automations are triggering, turning on lights when its daylight outside.

Has anyone solved this issue or is there a sensor I can buy that will give me a lux reading preferably from outside so that I don’t need to rely on the smartweather tile ??

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The company that supplied that data ended public access. There was an announcement about it a couple of months ago:

( The topic title is a clickable link)

Code authors were supposed to make update changes to ensure continued performance. So check with the author of the code you were using, or ask in the thread above to see what other options people are using.

that’s a little odd, I am using v1 tile and lux got updated to 10K this morning 750am. I don’t use it in automation. Maybe put a zipcode in there.


thanks. yes I saw that but I’m curious as to why it only stopped 2 days ago

New quarter, probably. I think they granted an extension to the original cut off to March 31. But it could be a coincidence.

To the best of my observations the SmartWeather Tile V1 is fully functional for US based Zip Codes, including LUX updated.

SmartThings updated the code for this Virtual “Device” and everyone using the Tile received the updated DH.

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I’m using the V1 and realized mine just stopped too.

EDIT: I think my Zip got wiped out. Added it back and started working again.


I opened a ticket with Smartthings and it started working again on the morning of the 10th for me. Doesn’t work with my UK post code filled in but it works fine without it, using the lat and long coordinates from my hub location I presume.

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