SmartWeather Station Tile Alternative

I spotted the SmartWeather Station Tile and added it only to find out it no longer works (not a good reason for Smartthings to remove it from the device type list I’m guessing.). What is everyone using as an alternative for use in Actiontiles?

The SmartWeather Station Tile works just fine. I have several locations set up and working. And I just set up a new location moments ago as a test and it is working. I am in the US and that might make a difference.

But keep in mind that this is a Groovy device and will likely go away when the Groovy platform is shut down in the near future.


Mine is stuck on 61f and sunny. 40f and raining here. I’ll delete it and try again. ZIP 22911

Created a new device and it is showing current conditions. Let’s hope it updates.

Still working

Also history shows some other details too

Thanks, I’ll be sad to see some things go away. I use the old Gentle Wake Up to fade light levels up/down throughout the day. Level changes are triggered by mode changes which are triggered by light level changes. Nice slow unnoticeable level changes. The new Gentle Wake Up doesn’t compare.

Thanks, Created a new device that shows current conditions. How often does this update?

Looking at the history, looks like it is 5 minutes, but not all fields.

Thanks again, the new one is updating. Not sure why the other wouldn’t. Both were created the same way.

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