Smart weather stopped 2. April 2019

As of the 2. April my smart weather station tile stopped updating. It updated as it should also without zip code provided previous to this.
Does anyone know why? Or what I have to do to get it working again?
FYI I tried deleting and installing the smart app again. I also tried the weather station tile and device handler which never worked at all.
I’m non-geek and use “from code” and “raw” when installing.

Further info: I live in Denmark (Europe).

Mine stopped updating the same date, and I’m in the U.S. However, I deleted the “thing” after taking it out of anything that was using it (e.g. ActionTiles) and added it back, and so far so good.

There’s been quite a bit of discussion here and on Facebook group about this problem, and a few people have declared they know the solution. But their solutions are contradictory. Some say “Be sure to populate zip” and others say “Be sure zip is not populated”. I don’t think we have an authoritative answer yet.


I’m in the Uk, populated or not the app stopped for me as well

Thanks for your reply! :grinning:
I also did what you did, although I don’t have Actiontiles (android). But nothing happens.

There was a bug introduced last week. The fix has been submitted.

Ok. So what does that mean? Any idea when it will be fixed?

Managed to get the app working, use lat and longitude of your preferred place and add those co ordinates in the zip code option
After the first co ordinate add a comma and then no space followed by the longitude co ordinate

Leave pwsid option blank

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Hi Mike. You are the hero of the day. It worked!
Thanks a lot! Also for the fine description of how to do it!
Really great - again - thanks!

Populated ZIP code or I put my Weather Station ID in from Weather Underground, either one of those worked and weather is back again.