Weather device has stopped automatically updating via SmartTiles

So long ago there was a bug in the weather device where it never updated except manually.

I started using SmartTiles, and something in that app called Weather and made it update.

Well, in the last few days, that has stopped happening. I think my recent installation of ObyCode Music really isn’t the issue, so that points at some back end problem.

Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone got a fix?

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We (SmartTiles) have temporarily disabled our forced periodic refresh of the Weather Tiles due to fatal scheduling related SmartThings Platform problems.

SmartThings engineers are getting closer to finding what bug(s) may be the root cause. Just this afternoon, they were able to capture a trace of the internal execution error that occurred during an unschedule() method call.


Thanks for the explanation. Keeps me from having to chase wild geese.

Much appreciated!

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Just a quick reminder to the ST guys to poke the Weather tile again


I was just coming here for the same reason to see why it wasn’t updating. Looks like it is getting the correct information in the device list it just isn’t showing up in the SmartTiles. I look forward to having this work again.

I use RBoy’s weather controller app (designed to force the SmartThings SmartWeather Station Tile smartapp to refresh periodically), and it used to work, but it hasn’t been doing it’s job lately either.

Does anyone have any ideas for work-arounds we can use until SmartThings gets fixed?

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Pollster, perhaps???

(BTW: SmartTiles v5.6.1 will be distributed / updated within the next 48 hours, barring any surprise bugs).


Ah yes, polster…I guess I have to finally go check it out don’t I? lol

Weather app is still not updating…

What platform and browser are you running SmartTiles in? All use of SmartThings scheduler were removed for stability reasons, but we refresh weather using Javascript timer.

Anyone else not seeing Weather Tile updates?

NB: I’m referring to SmartTiles weather tile; if the underlying Smart Weather Station Device in SmartThings isn’t working, that’s outside our scope.

For me, it seems like the weather tile in SmartTiles is only occasionally up-to-date.

However, in my case, I have my ‘SmartWeather Station Tile’ (the SmartApp from SmartThings) pointed to get its weather data from my BloomSky (using @slagle 's device/app combo), and that NEVER updates automatically. The only time my BloomSky setup ever updates is when/if I click refresh in the BloomSky SmartApp within SmartTHings mobile app.

Not sure if that’s relevant to anyone else’s setup, but if you have your BloomSky in the mix too, you may want to pick something else as the source of your weather tiles’s weather data and see how that goes.

i.e. when I point mine to some other source (e.g. a motion sensor with temp, etc), it pretty much seems to update at least as often as there is a change in the temp.

Sliding in here…
I’ve also having problems with the weather tile in smartTiles, never updating…
But, as far as I know both smartTiles and talking alarm clock is using the same source?
Talking alarm clock weather report is always up to date, and etc, but smartTiles weather app hasn’t worked for at least one month now…

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We have this on our internal SmartTiles issues list (#23) for further research. I think @625alex has some theories.

It will either turn out to be something obvious… Or some quirk with SmartThings that might be out of our control.

We’ll keep this Topic posted and/or list the fix in Release Notes someday.


I don’t know the root cause yet, but fixing it is high on our priority list.