Yey TTS is working... But wait!

Hi all,

This is one for us UK folks.
Smartthings has kindly fixed TTS! YES! for which I am extremely grateful for!

However, I’m wondering if anyone has managed to get the %weathertoday% etc to work as announcements?

I’ve been doing some testing and here’s my findings:

%weathertoday% traced via live logging actually generates the correct text to be announced! However nothing comes out the speakers
%weathertoday(UKPOSTCODE)% causes the app to crash (Big Talker, Rule Machine, Sonos Weather) and then fails to announce anything also, however, it does still generate the =msg text in live logging
%weathertoday(USZIPCODE)% WORKS!

Anyone else been experimenting with UK postcodes for weather?

I’ve tended to find leaving the zip code empty works. It must pick up the hub location and get the forecast from that

Yeah after testing some more I found the following works for my current location %weathertoday()%

If I use the comand to specify a zipcode but leave it blank it works :).

All fixed

I’m so confused!

I have used the sonos weather forecast smart app. If i leave the zip code blank then it does now work! but it just says “the current temperature is 5 degrees” which is not a weather forecast in my book! Are you guys doing this some other way since i cant see a “command to specify a zipcode”. there is just a field for a zipcode.

What is "%weathertoday()% "
where do i type it? in the zipcode box?