Sonos weather in the UK


Has anybody managed to get the weather forecast on their Sonos using a UK postcode in the ‘zip code’ fields when using the Sonos (SmartThings Labs) app?

I can get it to say something when I enter a valid US zip code, but it stays silent for a UK postcode.


Have you tried using a Weather Underground station ID?

Outlined in the second half of this post:


Did you find a solution to this? I cannot get it working either in UK


Not yet…

A bit more digging revealed some more insight.

I got it to work with by setting no location (weather underground station ID didn’t work) and choosing only current weather conditions. If I choose any of the other forecast options it failed - with errors in the developer logs.

I saw recently that the text to speech (TTS) support had been improved, and I suspected TTS was the problem.

I mentioned about the TTS update to a friend who’s had the same problem, and mentioned about the TTS update. He’s given it a go, and, he’s reporting SUCCESS!

So give it another try. Let me know how it goes, and if you are still struggling I’ll get my friend on here to tell you how he did it.


I’ve just tried this and can see that using the pwd:####### code populates the right text.

However its not actually being spoken on the speakers… I can get custom phrases to speak just fine, but not the weather report.

Live logging on the smartapp shows this:

b6d4ad76-594b-429a-bf8d-8112be515a11 10:20:46 PM: debug msg = The current temperature is -1 degrees. Today’s forecast is Areas of fog early. Low -3 degrees. Tonight will be Areas of fog early, becoming mostly clear after midnight. Widespread frost likely. Low -3 degrees. Winds light and variable. Tomorrow will be Partly cloudy skies during the morning hours will become overcast in the afternoon. Not as cold. High 6 degrees. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 km/h.

Just nothing audible.

Anyone got any ideas?

I Emailed smart things
this was the response
"Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us! The text to speech functionality that Sonos uses is currently under development in the UK. It should be released very shortly. I will let you know when. Thank you for the ongoing patience.

I would love to know how your friend got it to work. For now, I have the Sonos play photograph by Ed shereen instead!

But I would much rather get the weather report. Is your friend entering a UK postcode?



No postcode I believe.

He’s not in the office today, so I’ll find out how he did it on Monday.

Hi. What is pwd:#######?

Its the WeatherUnderground area code that Smartthings can use. I live in Southend-On-Sea (UK) so mine is: pwd:ISOUTHEN21 - Your’s would no doubt be different to that.

Thanks Dean

How did you find that out? I tried searching for my local area (new alresford, Hampshire) but the code is not forthcoming.

Also, where did you enter the code? in the postcode box? or elsewhere?



I am the mythical friend but I’m afraid all I can tell you is that it just ‘started working’ one day.

I can confirm that I have no postcode set and can select any of the four weather options in any combination.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more use!

Ok update to this - If you want UK weather reports check here:

The thread has some interesting stuff in it from testing. Only thing I can say is that the apps the problem. When the box for speak current weather is checked it should be sending %weathetoday()% however it sends %weathertoday% without the ().

Use something like “Big Talker” and give it a go. It really works.