Weather Tile

Could someone please advise what DH or app to use for displaying UK weather, i have tried weather tile 2.0 but it doesn’t appear to work, displaying no data even after putting my post code in the zip code field.
Many Thanks

Dont add your postcode , leave the option blank and just set your preferences for the other options, the app should use your hubs location and display info after a period of time.

Postcode will work as well as weather underground idents but sometimes info just takes a while to show

Its advisable to use pollster as well just to get the app to update at intervals

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Thank you Mike, I have put it back in & left the zip code blank.
will check up on it later to see if i have any action.
will look into using pollster also.

Thank you

Info Greatly appreciated Mike, its working :slight_smile:

Tadaa… it may have worked ok even with your postcode but the way i descrided works for me. Weather underground stations near you can be usefull but tbh i found local ones to me lacking in one way or another

If u try and use the lux from the app to reliably control lighting dont bother, its just not accurate enough

Glad its updated for you and working :+1:

im just too impatient , seen all those blank tiles and though oh well that doesnt work and took it straight out…lol
Noted about the lux

im really new to ST (month or so) i just see things posted and develop a desperate need for it myself…lol

We are all the same Sonny, finding solutions to things that previously didnt need solutions… its the ST drug im afraid :grin:


Do you realise that your email address is on show.
Just letting you know in case you do want it displayed to all on here.

Thank you Bob Ive removed it, apologies for the delay ive just noticed this message.