Smart voltage sensor

I have googled and searched to no avail. I don’t even know what to properly call what I am looking for. I am looking for a sensor the can sense a current change and send a notification. Anyone seen anything like this?

hi is this any good

There’s multiple ways to do it. Many smart plugs have power sensors, some devices called Home Energy Monitors (HEMs) use a clamp around the conductors to sense current.

It REALLY depends on

  1. your use case (a US 15a/110v plug won’t do a US 40a/220v dryer)

  2. what geography you’re in, because power requirement, device spec and availability varies GREATLY by geography

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I’m wanting to have a sensor, that when current is applied, it sends a message. Like say I wanted to be notified when my septic high water alarm goes off. Alarm goes off, it triggers current to a warning light, the sensor reads the change and alerts hub. I want to tap into the wires. Not looking for a specific measurement, just a change from 0 to a 1.

You can accomplish this with a smart plug like this if you have a zwave hub

You can create an automation based on the wattage being used. Just set a low threshold amount. If it goes over that amount, you know it is running.