220v smartplug? (US)

Is there a 220V ST Smart Plug? By searching here I found one post in '16. Hope there has been an update. I want to be able to monitor use and get alerts on appliance on/off.

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What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

For the US, in addition to the heavy duty switch that @DavinD listed, there is also an aeotec heavy-duty zwave module that you wire inline as another candidate.

There’s also a smartenIT Heavy duty zigbee module designed for outdoor use which is popular for pool pumps, but it’s very expensive if you don’t need the weatherproofing, so probably not what you’re looking for. :umbrella:

USA. Should have included that

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Note that all three of these devices are quite large, and normally you end Up with them hanging on the wall near the outlet, not inside the wall. Here are some more pictures of the aeotec so you can see what I mean:

Thanks for the quick reply. I want to have one Smart Switch to monitor my clothes dryer (push notification) and one to monitor my washer (yes, I know they need different switches). But, I didn’t expect $90.

Since posting, I found the following discussion. W-a-a-y over my head. I just want to monitor energy and get push notifications on end-of-cycle.

forgot the link

The 220 V stuff tends to be industrial grade, hence more expensive.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I was naive. I know (think?) there is a 110 smart plug the is just that - smart plug to outlet, device to smart plug. I was expecting the 220 to work the same way. Apparently not. Of the devices you show, they will send a notification when power is no longer flowing (drying is complete)?

The GE one has energy monitoring. It updates the current wattage being used. So when the dryer stops the wattage will drop. May not drop to zero depending on your dryer.

I use mine for a waterfall pump for my pool, though.

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If all you want is a laundry alert when the washer or dryer is done, most people I think Have done those with sensors of one kind or another, Which lets you use much less expensive devices. Laundry alerts are a very popular use case.

If you look on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki, look down near the bottom of the page for the “project reports“ section, and then choose the list for “alerts,“ you can see the project reports of how other people have done it. There are several laundry notification projects that will show up on that list. :sunglasses:


Or jump straight to the following

Thanks for the link. My washer/dryer are 2yo so I suspect the vibration sensor is out. I see someone has posted
“There’s no polling required. All of the SmartThings (Centralite…) ZigBee outlets default to (or a sent) a configured reporting interval that triggers upon a tiny variation in current draw; even a fraction of a Watt. If an Appliance or Light is completely off , then no power Events are sent (because of no delta from 0 Watts).”
Does this mean I can use an “energy monitoring device” and set the alert level at, say, 2 watts and see how it works? I realize I’ll need to experiment with the exact wattage.

Same question here. If not, at least a way to use the Aeotec or GE Heavy Duty Switches with a dryer (or an electric stove, for that matter). Here is what I would like to achieve with the dryer: get a “Smart Dry” sensor and link it to ST (yeah, it is still on labs, but from what I read, seems to be working just fine). Then, when the Smart Dry detects that the laundry is dry, I want either the smart plug or the Smart Switch to turn the appliance off, so that clothes don’t continue to be exposed to heat unnecessarily. It must be heavy duty 220v 40amp kind, I am in the US and the dryer is electric. I am not interested in it telling me that the dryer “thinks” it has finished drying. I just want to be able to turn it off remotely, or for it to turn itself off when the clothes are dry. Any ideas? I saw some things on the Hubitat forums (I don’t have Hubitat, but they had some of the same questions. One person described a method he used, but I am not electricity savvy and when and if I call the electrician, I want to know what to ask him to do.

Thanks in advance!

Keep on mind that clothes dryers go through a cool down cycle before they shut off to keep cloths from getting rinkled. This is true on at least the permanent press cycle and may be used on other cycles.
If you automatically shut off the dryer when the clothes are dry but still hot you will end up with a pile of rinkled clothes. And no one will be happy.
Better to just have Smart Dry just send you an alert that the clothes are dry.

Thanks, but wrinkled clothes are not even in the list of issues I want to address. Wrinkles I can resolve. Shrunken clothes, on the other hand, very much are an issue which cannot be fixed. If I am not home and the Smart Dry announces clothes are dry, such information is completely useless if there is no way to stop the dryer from continuing to work. So, I still do need the ability to stop the dryer, cooling period notwithstanding.