Smart TV / Smartthings Location deleted

Hi there. I’ve been using the Smartthings Hub and my Samsung Smart TV with an Amazon Echo successfully for about a year… HOWEVER, I just moved house and accidentally “deleted location” on the app which meant I had to reset devices and start again. All good apart from the TV… how on earth do I get the Smartthings app to find my TV again?

Both hub and TV are hard wired in to the router, but it’s not showing up as a device any more and I’ve tried resetting the settings and logging in to my Samsung account on the TV again etc.


Try logging out of your Samsung account on your tv and logging back in.

I’ve done that unfortunately no luck. I’ve read elsewhere that others are having issues too since a software update :frowning:

Some people have had more success in adding their TV via the new Smartthings App (not Smartthings classic). This may only work if you have a Samsung rather than a Smartthings account, however (ie. you’re a relatively recent user or have been migrated over)

Very annoying… I have a Samsung TV and Samsung phone, and both the Smartthings Apps, and while the new app can find the TV, it can’t do anything with it. I have both Samsung and SmartThings accounts, and no combination seems to allow me to use my Amazon Echo to turn the TV on/off like I could this time last week :frowning:

What software version is now currently shown on your tv ?

I’m not at the TV right now but I think it’s v1220 when I checked yesterday. It’s the latest version as I have auto-update switched on.

Try the recommendations from a ST customer service lead mentioned here

I’ve tried all the above and I can get the new app to switch the tv off, but there’s no Echo Dot integration, and none of this is much use without being able to switch it back on again (like I could last week).

If the TV is now recognised as a device in Smartthings, there’s no reason why an Echo should not be able to control it. Have you asked Echo to find new devices and have you checked you haven’t restricted the list of devices that Echo’s can control.

However, if Smartthings cannot turn your TV back on, your echo will not be able to either.

Yeah the “new” Smartthings app can see it, but the old app that i’ve been using for over a year to switch it off AND on with, has now suddenly stopped discovering the TV. The Echo Dot can’t see the TV as an available device either, but even if it could then the functionality is useless without having both on and off commands.

A word of advice to anyone that uses SmartThings… never move house :wink: