Deleted a device and now I can't find it again


I had my Qled TV series 7 connected to the SmartThings app.

I accidentally deleted device and now I can’t add it again.
when I go to add a new thing it asks to connect a hub, I don’t have a hub but it was working before.

When I installed the app, it automatically found the TV.

Any ideias

Are you using the SmartThings app or using Samsung Connect? They are different apps.

The smarthings app on an Iphone.
I also have smartView app which works great, but can’t add its to Alexa.

Well someone else can chime in. I don’t have iOS devices so no help there. To my knowledge the SmartThings app doesn’t work without a hub whereas Connect does, so unless ST app is pulling from Connect not sure how your TV was setup. My experience with Connect wrecked things so I’ve stayed away from it.

I don’t have any iOS devices, so I don’t know. Need others to chime in on this one.

actually managed to find the connect app and now things are getting better.
Finally managed to find the TV again.

Well that’s good.