Samsung TV device added to wrong location

Hi, hope this is the right spot for this. I have 1 hub, and 4 total locations setup, and use smartthings classic app. The hub is only assigned to 1 location, my home. The other locations are really just geofences to allow smartthings to track when the wife and I go to these areas and report it to each other.
So I recently purchased two Samsung Smart TV’s for my house. As part of the setup process for the TV, they have me sign into my smartthings account. They automatically get added to smartthings, but not to the location I want. How can I change their location to the one with my hub, so I can automate them?

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Mine is the same tbh. :cry:

Did you ever figure this out?? I have the same issue

Nope, still have the issue. I suspect it might be that the TV does not support the older smartthings classic app.

It can definitely be confusing! See the community FAQ for an explanation of what happened and what to do about it.The topic title is a clickable link.

(And, yes, the TVs and appliances now require the new app.)