SmartThings WiFi Mesh Firmware (Plume)

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Good Morning,

I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere but I couldn’t find any answer.

I’ve been in the V2 Hub beta for a while now and recently upgraded to the Mesh setup but notice the Hub firmware is only 24.52.

I’m curious to know if there is a beta for these devices with the newer optimizations for the zwave, etc?

FWIW: I did add my device to my Centercode profile.

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No they don’t offer any Beta version on mesh Network I’m using this one more than yours they just upgrade when it was new version available I have connected more than 92 devices included xiaomi Aqara window door sensor temperature sensor leak sensor button and motion sensor. New version 24.52 is equal to 25 because does same thing whatever 25 version. for version 2 I’m quite happy there’s no drop everything’s working perfectly fine

In general, new firmware updates will first roll out to Hub-only systems (so Hub v2 and Hub v3), and updates for other systems are released after that and based on the code for v2/v3. Right now there isn’t a firmware beta for SmartThings WiFi - I don’t know if that’s something that’s planned for the future or not.


even if its not a beta - some indication that we are going to get an update would be awesome :slight_smile:

some more local executing device handlers would be amazing

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Hey @nastevens - sorry to bring up an old topic, but i’ve had the SmartThings Wifi Mesh hub for over a year now and not one firmware release with any new features or local device handlers etc. Any update on this products lifecycle? seems like all the effort is going into the other hub. I know you cant say much but something is better than nothing i guess?

Agreed, I have been wondering the same given all of the firmware updates that have been rolled out for the V2 and V3 hubs. It seems that the ST WiFi product is not getting the same level of attention. Additionally, I have been having automation challenges since the last app update (Sept 3) are troubling including delays in presence based automation even thought the hub states I’m away. It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to hours for the automation to actually run. Button actions that are recognized by the hub but don’t run the automation. I’ve been in contact with support but we haven’t identified the source of the problem.