Samsung Connect Home firmware issue?

Hi all,

Newbie here. I just picked up a 3 pack of Samsung Connect Homes which I’m currently using as a mesh network. I’m having some disconnect issues and wanted to confirm what the current firmware is.

My device model # is ET-WV520 for all 3.
Software version for the base station is WV520XXU2ARD4
Software version for the two nodes is WV520XXU2ARK1

Shouldn’t they be on the same software version?

Hi, thanks for you reply. I did see that on the website but was hoping someone could advise what the current firmware (or software) version for the Samsung connect homes is.

It’s given at that link. It’s in a different format than the one you were looking at. So you have to follow the exact instructions at that link and sign into the web interface to your account and check the firmware number listed there. If it matches the firmware number listed on the webpage at that link, you’re fine. If not, contact support.

Here is the link again. Just follow the instructions there.


Tried the instructions on the link, didn’t work for me, wasn’t able to find my hub/network via the webpage.

I was however able to update the hub to the latest firmware today by factory resetting the hub and reconnecting it to my network as a node. Weird how it only recommended the update when it was connected as a node…

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That is what I have:


Perfect, thanks for sharing. Same for all my Samsung Connects now.

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