Smart things Wifi v2 keeps restarting

Bought 2 Smartthings Wifi hubs from Crutchfield a month back. Deployed and set up the mesh WiFi at my house in Pakistan and every 10 minutes both the hubs restart. Heres my setup:

Static fiber connection connected to a Netgear router with a cat5 going IN to one of the hubs (can’t seem to set up a static IP and gateway inside the hubs settings using the app :s). 2nd hub extends the mesh network.

Have tried the following resolutions:

  • Provided the main hub a static IP from the Netgear router. Didn’t stop the problem.
  • Tried switching the hubs. Didn’t fix the problem
  • Set the location in the app. Didn’t fix the problem.
  • Reached out to Smartthings Support. No response.

Anyone have any clues as to what to do with this expensive piece of junk now ?

Have you tried to contact ST support (

Tried and failed. Sorry it’s not the v2 it’s the wifi with the hub built in and oh they forget to mention it’s not supported anywhere in the world except the US!! So now I have a $300 piece of junk I can’t use.

F*** samsung. long live Google (just btw their mesh systems work all over the world!)

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same issue with…300 junk!!! dont buy it ever again

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