SmartThings WiFi Hubs Acting Flakey

I’ve got a 3-Pack of the SmartThings hubs, that I’ve been using for WiFi coverage throughout my house, for maybe 3 years now. Recently though, I started having problems with a couple of clients randomly disconnecting on me (a smart appliance and a laptop). At first I blamed it on the clients. But after some investigation and experimentation, I’m not so sure.

Using a WiFi Analyzer app (I’ve tried several both on Windows and Android), I see the SSIDs for my hubs continuously disappearing and re-appearing again. After seeing this, I re-enabled the built-in WiFi on my Spectrum router - which is what I used before I bought the Samsung hubs. The SSID on it, is rock solid. So, I reconfigured the 2 clients I was having trouble with, to connect to it. They are not dropping off the WiFi anymore. So now I don’t know what to think - other than my SmartThings setup must be crapping out on me. I wanted to try and get a better idea of what might be going on with the SmartThings WiFi config. But the user interface is so dumbed down, it’s totally useless.

Has anybody else seen this sort of behavior before? Any ideas on what else to check or try?


-Mike Z-

if you have not done so yet, open a ticket with ST support :slight_smile:


Even though I’m way out of warranty? I hadn’t bothered. Figured I wouldn’t get anywhere.

yes, support will try to diagnose any issues you are experiencing

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OK. Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.