Smart Things Support for Zigbang Devices (Wifi Smart Locks)

You do not need an actual SIM, the emulator will simulate one for you.

This is the emulator that I used. For the International Zigbang apps so far I found the Korean SIM will have the most available models but still no DR719.

However, you do need a Chinese cellphone number to register for a Zigbang account for that Chinese version Zigbang app since it only allows you to use a +86 number.

Oh wow. So you did all of the setup in the emulator, then when you logged into the app with your phone your lock was there?

Really cool. Not sure I will get it totally figured out but will try!

Yes. Once the lock is paired with the app you can login to any device that you want and still have the lock there. Also I’m thinking that maybe there is a way for you to use the invitation code to invite accounts that are registered using non-China number so that you can have a region correct app but still paired with the lock you bought elsewhere. That way when you try to add the lock in Smart Things it will show the registered locks.

im almost there!!! Anyone can help me with have a chinese or south corea number?? the problem is this! when i put my us number it shows something on Zigbang smart door app! i need one number to activate the service. can anyone help me with?


Awesome! So as far as windows version and LD player what versions are you using? And which phone model did you select to see the lock?

I’m struggling getting a newer windows laptop. I spent time yesterday getting an old machine working w Windows but it’s too old I believe to run the emulator and boot it up. I managed to get the older version of the app running, I think it emulates Android 7, but none of the phone option shows the model for me…I only see the the one US compatible.

I’m hoping that a newer laptop w the new version of the emulator will be the key. I’m new to the program and it’s actually very complex behind the scenes.

So I think I need to get another laptop lol.

As far as obtaining/renting a number for sms, this is something I haven’t tested yet.

I have been reading here on maybe getting a service?

But I think it is hard. It would be better if you know someone who can help. I haven’t searched that hard for a reliable service, also I can’t read any Chinese characters at all so I’m heavily relying on Chrome to translate for me. So that’s another obstacle.

But now that I have seen the possibility, I’m determined!

As a backup, I did confirm that the RF module is compatible, of course you need the smart relay but. Good luck keep us updated!

Also, where are you able to obtain the apk for the version that accepts +86 country code for China?

I only see other countries like HK, Brazil etc.

I tried sms-man for an HK number but still can’t receive or figure it out.

I need to try and get the newer emulator working first I think. I am only seeing the US lock when I log in. And no matter which model for the phone I selected I only see that one lock.

Thank you.

im currently at work when i get home ill put everything to work and ill post every step for u guys. including the apk

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The LD emulator I downloaded from that link I gave you is already configured in Chinese and has a China Mobile environment. But the problem is that you have to keep using it in Chinese, NOT English otherwise it will change the environment to US automatically.

You can download the Chinese version app here:


Thank you both.

Ah I understand now. Thank you so much. I think also my hardware is too old and I am only able to get an older version of LD player64 working. After playing around with it I can at least see how to install the apk in either language. t It is looking like I may need to get a laptop just for this as the graphics processors are too old. BUT maybe I can borrow one from a friend we will see.

Thanks again for the apk. I can install it in that version of LD player but I need to register a new account with a +86 number. Will try to figure that out.

No problem. The whole process does require you to have some knowledge of emulators. Later you’ll have to use Bridge mode in network section so that you can have the Zigbang app in the emulator connect directly to your lock’s Wi-Fi to finish the pairing process. That is the most difficult part.

Just tried to use the invitation code from the Chinese version Zigbang to invite the global version to use the same lock. Unfortunately it seems that the invitation code is not compatible between these two apps.

Also tested all regions supported by the global Zigbang app, there is no other region that supports SHP-DR719. I found a few that has SHP-DR708 and SHP-DR718, but selecting either one won’t make the DR719 pair successfully. Looks like there is just no way to pair the WiFi lock to smart things.

Man thats a bummer. But great work at least gaining access to the app and features!! Much better than not having access.

I am still trying to figure out a laptop and a phone number etc. Will update as soon as I have something working or more questions.


I’m wondering if this solution stayed stable for you and continued to work?

I’m still trying to figure out a windows machine to run that LD9 software.

Yes. No issue at all. All functions work well and rock solid. Been using it for a little over 2 months now.

Hi tearfalls, any more hints on how this can be done? I have setup the ‘Network Bridge’ in ldplayer but cannot see any more SSID other than the one defaulted by the emulator.

Hi tearfalls,

I have no idea why the option page is blank, what do I need to do when I open the app in emulator?