Samsung SHS H505 Door lock

Can anyone tell me if the Samsung SHS H505 smart door lock is compatible with SmartThings? I can’t find anything on their website that says which protocol it uses and I can’t find any mention of it here.

At present none of the Samsung smart locks are compatible with SmartThings. They are very cool devices, but made by a completely different division. Most of them use Bluetooth, which is not supported at the present time by the SmartThings Hub. :disappointed_relieved: ( there is a Bluetooth radio in the V2 version of the hub, but it has never been activated.)

It looks like that specific model, H505, doesn’t have any networking capabilities other than an RFID reader. It definitely doesn’t work with the smartthings platform.

Not quite true anymore :wink:

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Hmmm. OK. So it looks like these two are compatible, but not the H505. That was the one I saw for sale in Home Depot. It looked as thought they’d marked it down as it was stuffed at the back of the shelf behind the other non-smart locks. I had a quick look this morning and can’t see where either of those other two are available here in Mexico. I’ll have a proper look at the links you provided later today. I really like the Yale Connexis lock, but this isn’t available here either. If I’d planned better, I could have brought one with me from the UK. The Samsung seemed like a good alternative.

The Samsung locks are really nice looking, in my opinion.

That said, be careful about going by what it says in that device type handler. Those two models are not normally sold with zigbee modules. If you just pick one up somewhere, unless it says zigbee on the box, it’s unlikely that it will work with SmartThings.

I would contact Samsung smart home (the division that makes the locks) and get the details from them before investing any money. And make sure you buy from someplace with a good return policy, just in case.

The Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH added support for Z-Wave Samsung SHP-xxx and SDP-xxx models a while ago which allows you to configured advanced features like enabling/disabling keypads, reporting the build in motion sensors etc.

The SHS models don’t support Z-Wave modules AFAIK.



I have SAMSUNG SHP 728 DOOR LOCK and using z wave module which is under the link below .this module supports your lock aswell

it works well in terms OPEN/ CLOSE but due to my lock software i believe it does not report instantly when the door opens , only if you click refresh on the app or every hour ( thats default setting to device handler )

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I found this

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If any of you wants the latest samsung door lock model working with smartthings or other EU frequency z-wave hubs check this out

I purchased one of them and i am over the moon with the quality, look, and works perfect with smartthings