Smart Lock Guest Access "No Locks Are Online. Try Again Later"

I switched over home monitor and lock control to the new app.

I just tried to create a guest user in Smart Lock Guest Access. When I click the dropdown for “Assign to Lock” it says “No Locks Are Online. Try Again Later” .
But that is not correct, my Schlage lock is online and working.
Anyone else experience this?

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using custom device handler for the lock or the stock ST DTH?

No custom, just a stock install. Type “Z-Wave Lock” shows in IDE

and the lock is listed on the main screen of the smart lock guest access app?

Yes it is. I can lock and unlock it from the app.

sign out of the app and sign back in. after that, I can recommend contacting ST support

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I removed Smart Lock Guest Access and then installed it again. That did it. All good now.

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I tried removing and adding and mine still says no locks are online and Samsung can’t figure it out.

If you have access to RBoy apps you can this app for managing your lock and users:

Yes, I just bought the SmartHub and Schage lock and get the same error. REmoved/reinstalled app NO CHANGE, rebooted everything NO CHANGE…

Did you ever get this fixed and if so what fixed it? I tried all the typical, remove app(s), reboot and still NADA. I’m using an iPhone if that matters,

What brand/model locks and what device handlers are you using?

The lock is a Schlage Connect BE469ZP CAM 619 lock with the Samsung GP-U999SJVLGDA 3rd Gen SmartThings Hub. As for device handlers the ones that came with it and the SmartThings v 1.6.51-435 iPhone app.

I think you may need this device handler to get your BE469 to work with SmartThings. There’s a firmware defect in that lock which is why I think ST dropped support for this lock recently. The above device handler has a workaround for this firmware defect and should allow you program it through SmartThings.

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Do you guys have anything like a 30 day demonstration license? Also, the “rental” applications sound interesting but the site is a little cluttered to understand the “apps” it contains and their function.