Smart Lock Guest Access "No Locks Are Online. Try Again Later"

I switched over home monitor and lock control to the new app.

I just tried to create a guest user in Smart Lock Guest Access. When I click the dropdown for “Assign to Lock” it says “No Locks Are Online. Try Again Later” .
But that is not correct, my Schlage lock is online and working.
Anyone else experience this?

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using custom device handler for the lock or the stock ST DTH?

No custom, just a stock install. Type “Z-Wave Lock” shows in IDE

and the lock is listed on the main screen of the smart lock guest access app?

Yes it is. I can lock and unlock it from the app.

sign out of the app and sign back in. after that, I can recommend contacting ST support

I removed Smart Lock Guest Access and then installed it again. That did it. All good now.

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