Smart Things/ Samsung will face a lawsuit soon

Oh good grief, I’ve heard it all now. Again, good luck with the lawsuit, keep us updated with how you get on.

My hub is currently offline :smile:

How do you know I know absolutely zero about the issues others are having? :smile:

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Put it on a dumb plug-in timer that power cycles it once a day at some odd hour of the morning and take the batteries out.


I wish this ‘forum’ allowed taglines/signatures, mine would read “if you get wound up this easily. Home Automation isn’t for you.”


Great article @tgauchat! Unfortunately it’s sad but realistic and there are still people that can’t accept it! Ahhh what are you going to do. What I can see happening if this keeps up and their profits start dwindling is that Samsung will pull the plug, keep the best employees, and either rebrand it as something else to avoid the bad reputation or create their own version if they aren’t already doing that. :smile:

Which is why I’d put some money on Google Nest having a very good chance at taking a winning spot in the long run (Nest will sneak into your home one device type at a time; thermostat, smoke detector, camera, …). Philips seems to be sticking with lighting, but that’s not a bad chunk of the #SmartHome; And Amazon is a little too focused on media, I think, at the moment.

I think you mean “parity”, Ed, but the “parody” is a wonderfully ironic autocorrect laugh!

I echo this sentiment since our hub is 500 miles away. Is SmartThings recommending that I put a $5 cycle timer on my state-of-the-art V2 hub to power cycle it every 24 hours? Do I also remove the internal batteries that so it will power off but fail when any outages occur.

Let’s see… with no local processing of SmartAPPs and my Z-Wave devices; removing the batteries; and power cycling every time the backend servers burp… glad I invested in the upgrade to V2.

I cannot wait to ditch the SmartThings and run my whole house on my $5 Raspberry Pi and a $30 UPS. Total HA investment $35… and complete control!


So what about the thousands upon thousands of Customers who do not watch or subscribe to the Status Page or Community Forum? How will they know that they need to reboot their Hubs?!?

Are they going to get an email blast? An in-App message?

Or will Support@ be swamped with emails asking WTF?


I have a Wink hub also, I think I’ll just get a switch to power cycle the ST hub when it fails…I also have the ST hub rebooting the Wink when it takes a crap…guess I’ll be screwed if both units take a crap…but the chances of that happening are about 3.78965478 to 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There’s only so much you can do to communicate with users, at some point they have to contact the mother ship, probably once they realise their hub is offline if they didn’t already have a go at rebooting it, I’d imagine most will in fact start contacting them through the support channels.

If that’s the first time you heard that being part of a lawsuit then wow what rock have you been living under. Did I ever state I agree with that? No I never did? But depending on your situation, it can play a strong part of a lawsuit especially when something is stated as being reliable.

Also have you literally read any of the posts here or are you just throwing out nonsense? I never stated at all that I was suing SmartThings lol so why in the word do you keep directing that at me haha. I am simply backing up a fellow user against your inappropriate remarks that I linked below…

Please get your facts straight the next time you attempt to respond. :wink:

You’re right, you win.

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that’s not that crazy. That was the state of vera about 3-4 years ago. People would do that.

Before that- i used homeseer for a while back when it ran on a PC. There was a guy who made a device that connected to a serial port (or maybe ps2 or usb, it’s been a while…) and when the computer became non-responsive it would power cycle the pc’s power to force a reboot. He sold more than a handfull.

I guess it’s just the nature of the beast when these companies are young. I was kind of stupid and figured ST was past that.

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Best of luck to you finding a lawyer willing to take the case. Enforcement and settlements around Consumer Law and related liabilities in the USA are heavily biased in favor of Corporations … since the corporations own the legislators.

As I mentioned, even in cases of outright fraud, not just negligence, the settlements are trivial and, in the majority of cases do not substantially harm the vendor. In the case of SmartThings where it would be next to impossible to prove willful fraud or malice, the lawyers will settle in order to obtain their huge portion of the settlement as a windfall fee with minimal effort, and the rest of the settlement funds have to be distributed to 100,000 to 200,000 customers… i.e., less than $10 per person at most, often given as a rebate coupon for a purchase from the very same offending vendor.

But go ahead and prove me wrong.

If you think SmartThings needs to be “penalized” (since customer compensation is unlikely), then why don’t you give some feedback on why ST’s quality is or is not accurately reflected in the Press and how that can be rectified?

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??? Through the support channels? Please elaborate? I’m not trying to be mean or anything but I have a support ticket opened that’s been sitting around for over a week now! Nothing against the actual support guys as they are helpful and informative but the support system is incredibly bad.

Only so much you can do? In cases like this, an email should be an absolute must, no questions asked! Especially if they have a notification system already being used, the admins should easily be able to send a user-wide email notification about system outage/reboot but of course I don’t know how their infrastructure is handled though so yea!

It’s not about winning or losing, it was about defending @Helo.

Like I mentioned to @Benji, I’m not the one that was looking at or initiating the lawsuit so please stop directing that at me haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would strongly recommend that all of us that are very disappointed in this service to contact the editor or staff analysts at PCMagazine Staff

Write them a letter and let them investigate this and perhaps bring some attention from SmartThings Executive Management or Samsung…


the smart app should really have a ability to get a push message from them if this is a possibility.

even their support message stinks. My old vera’s and many routers come with that same recessed button- but on them you press that little read bugger and you get a lot more than a reboot, frequently you get restore to factory defaults. I was paranoid to press the thing thinking it would restore defaults or something- new to ST and the V2 so i’m looking at the thing trying to find a button for a good twenty seconds before i went for the gusto and hoped i wouldn’t need to redo everything…

all that said- i think i need to go buy a lottery ticket today- I just stumbled on that stauts page last night and thought why not subscribe so i did. Glad i did. (or i guess you guys can throw stones- maybe i jinxed you all- sorry)

I am going to tell you right now if my remote remote location.does not come back.up.I sueing them for lost work and airfare to fly.up and reboot it. Whether I can win.or not it is the principle of the matter.

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Don’t need a lawyer will sue in small claims court. The publicity is all we need.

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