Malfunctioning Smartthings Sensor. Smartthings not honoring warranty for purchase

Thought I would warn folks about my latest exchange with Smartthings support.

I bought a Smartthings multipurpose sensor a few months ago from It suddenly stopped working last week, reached out on Facebook messenger to discuss warranty, they were unhelpful, finally found the support email and wrote to them. Shared my amazon receipt showing it was within warranty right away. After about a dozen emails from them requesting the same information again and again over the course of 2 weeks requiring repeated followups, they said it had malfunctioned and require a replacement. No response from them after that for 5 days. Finally got a response from them today and am NOT happy at all. I’ve bought 20 or so smartthings sensors from Amazon. The amazon product page mentions a 1 year warranty but apparently they are not honoring it? Not happy this isn’t mentioned on the website anywhere and they didn’t provide this information upfront when I started the conversation with them about the malfunctioning sensor.

"Jesika (SmartThings)
Jun 23, 2020, 2:58 PM MST

Hello there,

First I would like to apologize for the delay in response and the inconvenience that it may have caused you.

Unfortunately, we do not provide exchanges or replacements for devices that have been bought on Amazon. The only retailers that we provide a one year manufacturer’s warranty for are the Samsung Experience Store, the Online Samsung website, Lowe’s, and Hitfar.

I apologize for the confusion and the whole process that you had to go through."

Who was the seller? If not an authorized seller for SmartThings, I could see this happening.

Seller: Amazon. Bought from amazon with prime! The amazon page for the sensor still mentions a 1 year warranty on the sensor to this day, so that’s really infuriating.

Ok, that’s bizarre! I’d reach out to Amazon directly. They have paid me for description errors twice over the years. If they’re not honoring a 1 year warranty and it’s in the description, Amazon should provide replacement or refund.


I agree, I would reach out to Amazon.

That said, I wonder if it’s being Canada makes a difference. I’ve never heard of that issue for the US and the list of retailers that they gave you doesn’t really make sense for US buyers as they definitely have sales arrangements with Sears, Best Buy, and some other big US retailers who were not on the list. But I know that “authorized retailer“ is often an issue in Canada with regard to warranty service for other home automation manufacturers, such as Aeotec, so I suspect that the laws are different there.

But all of that would bring it back to the product description issue, so Amazon may step up.


@HalaAutomateths, Hey there.

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this information to my attention I’d be happy to double-check and verify for you if you have any support ticket numbers that you can send me privately.

The information that was provided to you is correct., Canada is not an authorized retailer so we would not provide replacements or exchanges and any concerns would need to be addressed directly with

I would reach back out to Amazon directly for further assistance, I’m sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

I hope this message finds you well!


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