SmartThings Warranty in Canada?

Hey everyone! Just hoping someone from SmartThings could chime in.

Bought a SmartThings outlet from Amazon - brand new, sold by Amazon. It worked for a day, and died. I emailed SmartThings Support, and almost a week later they responded (which I understand given the current pandemic). While waiting, I also reached out to Amazon and they told me to send it back and they refunded me.

Someone from SmartThings replied and told me that the only way they would offer warranty support was if I had purchased the item from Hitfar, Lowes, and Samsung (I’m in Canada). I emailed back asking for clarification, specifically asking what would have happened if Amazon would have had a no returns policy on this item and directed me to the manufacturer, and specifically asked if this Samsung product had warranty through Samsung. He replied again, and said only if it was purchased from those 3 sources.

Any truth to this? I asked for MORE clarification, before I go and spend another couple hundred on sensors for my house and my mums house, but almost a week has gone by and still no response back. Every place that I can buy this item in Canada indicates there is a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

I’m confused, and reluctant to purchase anything from SmartThings (after using them for 5 years).

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers. It’s not an official support channel and the answers you get here from other customers are not official answers. There are a few staff members who participate from time to time (their names will be marked “staff member“), but you can’t count on that.

If you’re not happy with the answer you got from the official support group, you can try their Facebook or Twitter pages, those are official channels.

I don’t know what the policy is for Canada. I do know that there are a number of countries where there are only a few authorized retailers, but I haven’t heard of that as a Canadian issue. but maybe.

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Gotcha. I’ve been lurking for quite some time and see SmartThings staff jumping in on threads, so I thought this might be the place. No answer on Facebook, no answer on Twitter, no answer on email, no answer by calling/chatting. This was definitely my last resort for trying to get some sort of insight/also vent about how kinda awful the support has been. The last time I had to deal with warranty, it was amazing (2 years ago).

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Yeah, the original support was from the original smartthings start up, and was really great for a couple of years. Then eventually they turned it over to Samsung corporate and it got folded in with all the other Samsung products and you just get somebody who’s reading off of a script. :disappointed_relieved:

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