Smart things Samsung camera

Hi new to all this, having some issue which I would like a little help with.

  1. Sonos, how do I remove these from ST? I keep getting a error message when I try to remove.
  2. I got the HD Samsung wireless camera, how ever has been working well till today when it just reports inactive?
    Thanks for help

Are you trying to remove the Sonos device itself? If so, make sure it is not attached to any SmartApp first.

I’m trying to remove the smarthings app itself

The whole smartthings app? Or a SmartApp (meaning the app withing SmartThings that the Sonos device uses to run)?

Yeah, I don’t find it works very well. This is what error I get.

You can try to forcibly delete the App using the IDE.
Login to
Click on My Locations
Scroll to the bottom and click on List SmartApps
Click on the Edit button
Find the app and click the red Uninstall option
Click Done (where Edit was)

Tried that get this error messge

In the App, open up your Things. Do you have any Sonos devices listed in that list?
If so, you’ll need to remove them.
To do so, select the device, go to the menu in the top right and select Edit Device, then the Remove button.

I have a similar issue. I set up the camera at a remote site. It was working well. I could access both through the Smart Things Ap and the standalone ap. A couple of days
ago it went there anyway to fix this remotely? Otherwise I am out of luck until I travel back there in a coiple of month. Is this normal? If so, I really cant use it for this application. Anybody else have a similar issue? Any ways around this? All my other sensors at the site appear to still be working properly (motion, door, lights)

Same issue with the HD Pro Smartcam at a holiday home in France. After a while it came back and reconnected.
Then went on a run of rebooting itself every 12 hours. Normally it reconnects to the wireless network but sometimes stays off for a day or more, then comes back.
I emailed Samsung support. They eventually said to delete it from the Smartcam app and re-add it. Will do that when I next visit the site in 2 weeks.
It’s currently been running for 3 days but could easily drop anytime.

Mine dropped 3 days ago and has not come back. When it works it is great.

Agree it’s good.
Don’t think the dropouts are simple wireless signal issues as it’s only 12 feet from the wireless router.
The Standalone Samsung app though doesn’t give me the full screen button that their doc describes which is a bit annoying.

Is there a solution to this? I am having the same issues! thanks

I still have the same issues. I re-deployed 2 cameras when I left my French house a week ago, one is still connected, the other, which is close to the wireless router, has dropped off the network. They are both SNH-P6410BN Samsung HD Pro. Up to date firmware as far as I know. It just seems that sooner or later they have some glitch on the wireless communication and drop off. I’m currently waiting to see if the missing one returns of its own accord or whether I need to power cycle it with a neighbour’s help as I didn’t get time to put it on a remote controlled socket.

I posted this on a different thread @t.hills51

Looks like i have a fix…

Here is the transcript from the mail exchange with support (after being advised the normal, remove the camera, re add, re-boot etc. etc.

"There’s something else I can try for you, if you don’t mind? I can reboot the video systems server side for your account, this may well kick-start it back into action."

Crack on (in so many words)

"When you get a chance, please could you reboot your Hub and SmartCams again to make sure this change has gone through ok? Also, can I double-check that the cameras are connected up via ethernet? (If not, it might be worth trying out)

After 3 to 4 hours of it generally being un stable, camera’s dropping out and back it now seems to be fixed.

One small niggle I have is the camera logo has gone but other than that seems to be fine now.

Thanks, Tony.

Is that SmartThings support or Samsung?

From the reference to Hub, I assume it’s SmartThings. Trouble is my camera drops off from both SmartThings and directly via the SmartCam app which presumably doesn’t know anything about the ST Hub.

Since my earlier post the bad camera has woken up again and is visible in both places, ST and SmartCam. This is typical behaviour, runs for a while, drops off, comes back later.