Smart Things Power Outlet - Pairing

Hi All,
I purchased a smart things power outlet but like a fool threw the packing away before I set it up. I now can’t work out how to pair the outlet and my hub - I’ve tried plugging it in and hoping :-), pushing the button on the side etc but with no joy.

Can anyone who has one let me know what I need to do? I did try and search the Samsung site for the manual but can only find one for a different model.


I think this should help you.

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Dang you @theedpope you beat me to it!

Quick today I am (SMILE)

Give the documentation staff a BIG hug from me, they have been busy!

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Thanks for the link. Tried the process but can’t get the hub to recognise it :frowning: I’ve raised a support case so fingers crossed

Did you properly exclude the device before trying to pair back to ST?

Got it working now…bit more to it then the instructions say…this is what I had from support (and it worked) :smile:

While the app is searching for new devices, and you plug the device in, make sure you release the reset button as soon as the LED lights up. The timing can be a little tricky - it sometimes takes me a couple of tries. The LED should then blink 3 times. Then try pressing the button in 3-second intervals several times.