Smartthings support - Outlet Fault

Hi all,

I don’t suppose there is anybody from support here that could help me with a faulty outlet please? I don’t seem to be getting far with email.

Thank you

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Hey there! @morrk, Welcome to the Community :slight_smile: . Thanks for tagging me @jkp!

Oh no, I would be happy to assist you with your SmartThings Outlet concerns. I’d like to first like to inquire more details about the symptoms you’re experiencing with the outlet?

What is the model code of the device?

If you are having trouble connecting or resetting a Smart Things Outlet I have included the steps for each below:

How to connect the SmartThings Outlet in the SmartThings app

In the SmartThings App:
From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Device
Select SmartThings, touch Outlet, and then Supported Devices. Enter your device’s Model Code.
You can also Scan for nearby devices.
Touch Start
Choose a Hub for the device
Choose a Room for the device and touch Next
While the Hub searches, move the Outlet within 15 feet of the Hub and plug it in

How to reset the SmartThings Outlet

If the SmartThings Outlet didn’t connect to the Hub when you plugged it in, you can reset and connect the device manually using the below steps.

First, move the Outlet within 15 feet of the SmartThings Hub. Then, reset the Outlet:

If your outlet is a round model:
Hold the Outlet’s Connect button for 5 seconds
Release the button when the LED starts blinking blue
If your outlet is a square model:
Remove the Outlet from the wall receptacle
Press and hold the Outlet’s Connect button while plugging the device back into the wall
As soon as the LED turns on, quickly release the button

Additoanlly if you are located in the US and the symptoms persist you can reach Support here: 1-866-813-2404.

I hope this message finds you well!


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Hi SamsungZell, thank you for your response.

The model of plug is 7A-PL-Z-J3 (UK model gen 2)

The plug pairs and behaves exactly as it should but something has broken inside the plug which is stopping the power from ever turning off. This is either via app, or the button on the top. The light changes colour (green to red) but the power always remains on. I’ve tried a reset of the plug which hasn’t helped.

I can send my order number if this helps? The plug is only about 6 months old.

Thanks again.

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I’m UK based. The Samsung outlets are shocking quality I’m afraid. I recall paying approx 40 quid for a replacement plug after my initial ST bundled device failed to send power to various appliances. Turns out it was a really, really bad physical connection. Wiggle the plug a bit, all good again.

The replacements - including some ebay 2nd hand ones - all suffered the same way.