Alexa Error

(Rich Nicholls) #1

I’ve suddenly started to get the error - “Smartthings Isn’t responding error” No reason for it.

I read on here somewhere that I should disable the Skill the enable it. I disabled the skill and now can’t enable it - getting this error with the account linking page -

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

Any ideas?


(jkp) #2

(Aaron) #3

Same thing here. I’ve reset my phone. Unplugged everything and plugged it back in. Guessing ST is down for a few

(Rob Heyes) #4

Same here - not sure why it’s trying to connect to rather than which is surely the correct site for the UK

(Jeremy S) #5

My regular alexa integration broke awhile back and amazon support hasn’t been of any help to me so I started using ask alexa instead with great success. Now that has stopped worrying all of a sudden and my dashboard won’t even load in either of the apps. This is extremely frustrating

(Dustin Dinkins) #6

Mine is doing the same thing, just suddenly stopped working. I have also restarted my hub a few times and my phone. Nothing is working at this time… This doesn’t help with trying to talk the wife into more automation :grin:.

(Eric) #7

ST is down. There’s another thread on this.