Smart things hub not offline

Hope someone can help me. Ive had my smart things hub and alarm devices running flawless for 2 years. All of a sudden my hub shows offline. Contacted samsung and they said to hard reboot network and try again. Same thing. Nothing in my network has changed. Called ISP and they said everything was good on their end. Samsung said make sure these 5 ports were forwarded…which i cant do because i need the ip addresses of the ports which i dont have and neither does ISP and samsung said they dont know either. anyone have any idea??

Using a network sniffer app can you see the hub on the network? If you disconnect it does it disappear from the app? a lot of wireless routers have the capability to browse devices as well. Have you disconnected the power and the batteries from the hub and let it sit for a few minutes? Swapped the network cable on the hub? used a different cable port on the router?

I’ve done everything but sniffer

John Casalinuovo

That’s all I have. There are some heavy duty dudes on here that will help I’m sure. An update happens today so who knows after that? Maybe she’ll wake up.

I think they meant power off the hub by unplug the power and remove the batteries for about 15 seconds. Hard reboot your internet network usually take my hub offline and won’t come back online until a power cycle.
Saying that. I think there is a firmware upgrade going on today so a reboot during the upgrade is not good.

yes thats what i did.