Hub Offline in UK for 3 hours now

Is anyone else having issues with their hub being offline?

Tried power cycling…checked ethernet network connection with my laptop (clutching at straws).

Everthing is fine…aside from it being offline. I see from the status page there are issues with customers in the US but nothing UK.

OK for me.
Things seem to get slow around 17:00 but all OK.


Finally figured it out. It turns out it was network. Im using a powerline adapter for it. The problem wasnt with the powerline adapter though as after a lot if messing around (investigation) it turns out that the samsung smart plug interferes with signals on the electric circuit. I have no idea why it is doing this so if anybody could explain this to me it would be great.

As soon as i turned off the smart plug at the wall the powerline adapter had no issues. The strange thing is after restoring network, i then switched back on the smart plug and it still retained network.

I duplicated this issue a few times just for my own sanity. This is on a radial 16amp electric circuit. One thing i forgot to check is if the position on the circuit makes a difference.

Can anyone please xplain to me why the samsung smartthings plug is affecting signalling over the circuit. Tbh i dont think it should…whats it doing?

Cheers guys

Okay…its just made me out to be a liar lol

Its dumped the hub off the network again…going to fix it…

Yep…same thing… as soon as i removed the smart plug everything came back up.


Removed it for good. Will replace it with a sonoff

Spooky. I have a powerline adapter too.
I have a Belkin WeMo outlet plugged into it which I can use to remotely power off/on my ST hub.
Been like this for months with no issues.

Im just wondering if its something to do with it being a radial circuit. I dont see why though unless the smart plug is sending signals over the circuit…which it shouldn’t.

It doesn’t matter where on the circuit i place the smart plug either. The circuit run is only roughly 5 meters.

Doesnt happen anywhere else in the house with the other powline adapters. ive swapped powerline adapters to make sure its not that.

Will move the smart plug back to its old home of the free standing fan lol. It was happy there!