Hub Offline, when its not {Fixed}

New to ST, and Home automation’s but learning fast thanks to this great community. Ive searched all over for this problem and have come up empty, so im begging the community for direct help!

Had an issue last night, where I needed to completely reset my hub and apps. After reinstalling everything. The hub shows as online and active on the IDE website, shows good in new app, but in classic app it shows offline.

I use both apps for various things, so would like to be able to continue using both.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Hub is a smarthings v2 hub

Thanks in advance.

Reboot your phone or reinstall the app

Thanks RBoy

Forgot I posted this, with all the things I was trying/researching.

I actually figured it out. Apparently in the Classic app i logged in under a smartthings login, and in new a Samsung account. I have it fixed now.

Thank you very much.