Smart Things Hub at two locations

I want to add a second Hub at our vacation home. Can I do that and what are the watch outs if you can?

I would add it to the same account and not creating a separate account. This way, you can see both location in the app without switching user.

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You can, but most third-party integrations have difficulty distinguishing between two hubs which are on the same account as opposed to each hub having its own account.

In particular, Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT may only be available for one of the hubs and it’s not always predictable which one.

Can I control multiple SmartThings Locations with Alexa?
No, not at this time. But we are working on an update that will allow multiple Amazon Alexa devices on separate Amazon accounts to control separate SmartThings Locations.

I don’t know if the new lutron integration has the same problem Or not.

The flipside, as Ray mentioned, is that if you give each hub its own SmartThings account, you have to keep signing in and out of the SmartThings mobile app to get from one to the other.

So different people will prefer to set it up different ways. Just be aware of the third-party account limitation, that’s the one that most often seems to bite people. :wink:

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Except for ActionTiles ($23.99), which handles multiple-hubs (SmartThings “Locations”) under one and/or many SmartThings Accounts absolutely seamlessly. :slight_smile:

Tiles from Things of either and/or all/all Locations can be mixed and matched on any dashboard Panels.


Well, you could just install community SmartApps to each location. For example you could set up Ask Alexa for each location with seperate Amazon accounts…

I have two locations and I have 0 issues, except for the Ring doorbell integration.

Curious as how you got this to work.

How do you get Google assistant to work in both locations? When I saw this post I was hoping there was a good solution for multiple hubs. I currently use ActionTiles for my 2 hubs but can only use voice commands for one of the locations so whenever I am in one of the locations I switch the Google Home devices within the app to reflect my current location. Home Control > Manage accounts > Linked services > Check for new devices > Select one. This allows me to use voice commands for the appropriate location. A bit of a nuisance but since everything is stored switching back and forth isn’t that bad. I have multiple Google Homes and Amazon Echo devices in both locations so I will probably just switch all of the Echo devices to the vacation home and keep the Google devices in my primary residence. Havent realy decided on a clear winner, Google has a better knowledge graph and media (chromecast video and audio) integration, but I do like the new intercom feature Amazon has.

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I haven’t used google home or echo in my setup

@MichaelS , the author of AskAlexa, recently said in another thread that it doesn’t work in A multi location configuration. But I’m not sure if he was considering the possibility of a different Amazon account for each location or not.

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That was a couple years ago…if you DON’T use the native integration you CAN get away with one SmartThings account (two hubs) but you will still need two Amazon accounts…technically there is some backend stuff you can to do have one single Amazon account, but that requires a WHOLE lot of work and separate apps to route signals from one house to another.

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