Setup a 2nd hub different location

What’s the best way to set up a second Hub same account but at a different location

Just add a new location in the mobile app.

Have you determined WHAT you plan to do with that second location? For example, are you going to use a Google Home or Alexa with both locations? Then remember you can’t use those devices at both locations…you will need actual separate accounts as the Oauth for Alexa will only work at the account level, not the hub level.

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There are pros and cons to using multiple Accounts vs multiple Locations (Hubs) in the same single Account:

Using separate Accounts means you have to logout and login again to the SmartThings App to view or control the other Account-Location. Corrected in a comment by @fightingmajor.

ActionTiles can also mix and match any number of Accounts and/or Locations on one or more dashboard Panels. ActionTiles Accounts are distinct from Locations (the same Location or Panels can be linked to multiple AT Accounts, etc.).

But in SmartThings, to ensure secure control for the second Location, then you need to use separate Accounts.

Okay separate accounts it is. Yes I’m going to use Google Home at each location. First location I have a ST hub v1. Second location ST v2. In the near future will it be easy to remove or delete 1st location hub then change 2nd location account to match that of the 1st location

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This is absolutely wrong and bad information. I have two hubs set up at two different locations with two different accounts. I do not have to log out and log back in to access the 2nd hub. All that is needed is to add your 1st location’s account as a user on the 2nd location. It’s a simple switch of locations at the top of that last panel in the app and boom your are at your other location. No logging in and out needed. This is very helpful if you have someone who needs access to location 2, but you don’t want them to have access to location 1.

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Thanks for the correction. This is great functionality and good to know.

(Sorry for the misinformation in my initial response.).

I am about to add a second hub at a different location. Are you telling me that I need two accounts for that? If the devices are named properly, why would I need two different accounts?

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I would like to know that as well. I want a 2nd hub for my “barn” that’s 700ft away from my home that’s on the same network for Internet.