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PSA: If two locations/hubs both have Alexa + Smartthings integration - Alexa will only be able to control devices from one of them

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I just thought I’d post this in case it tripped up someone else

I already have an echo with a large amount of lights hooked up to it. I decided to buy an echo for my dad who has 5 lights total, and then set it up so that he could trigger them thru alexa with the smartthings integration. He has his own amazon account + smartthings account.

I went home and then noticed that none of my commands were working, and that only 5 lights were showing up in discovery after I deleted everything on Echo. This should have been the part where I realized what happened, but a few more hours would pass before that hit me.

After a few hours of troubleshooting I remembered that I granted myself access to his hub as a different location on my account. Apparently, if you have 2 locations Alexa can only control one of them, and as far as I can tell there’s no way to choose which location.

I ended up fixing it by removing myself from my dad’s hub and then Alexa picked up everything again without any issues.

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Frustrating, but a wellknown issue.


I’m not sure if using AskAlexa or EchoSistant resolves the issue, so I’m tagging @michaels and @bamarayne

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A couple years ago I had two houses and I put features into Ask Alexa that helped but at the end of the day I still had to have two Amazon accounts. If you can not use native integration you can get away with one Smartthings account. I also have other tools I developed that can assist. PM me if you would like to discuss processes.

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I’ve not experimented work multiple accounts… I wish I could help.