How to add two Smarthubs to Alexa app

Hi I have two houses, two Echo’s and two hubs.In the Echo app I set up one hub and all is fine. Set up the second Echo, at the 2nd house but when looking at the SmartHome setting there is no way to add a 2nd hub. It only show my 1st hub, which is in the 1st house. How to add and distinguish between the two? For instance in the SmartThings app I can switch between each house with ease. How to do in the Alexa app?

I had a similar situation…at the end of the day I have to have two accounts for everything… Smartthings and Amazon…and yes it was complicated… however I built some apps when one app could contribute the other house. However I couldn’t find a way for basic usage outside of two separate accounts.

Well, that’s a pain in the a**. So much for the Internet of Things! Certainly don’t want to set up a separate Amazon account. Thanks.


This is actually a security item and how SmartThings and Amazon integrated. They wouldn’t allow Amazon to recognize dual hubs…or to be more accurate, to allow to both be used at the same time. Once I got used to the dual home method it was fine. And as I mentioned, I developed some tools to allow dual home control with one account. Let me know if you want to hear about them. However, it WILL require you to have two of each account.

I call cow-puckey. :cow2: :poop:

ActionTiles can connect an unlimited number of Hubs (SmartThings Locations) to one ActionTiles Account and display Tiles for Things from an unlimited number of Hubs/Locations on a single or many dashboard Panels and vice versa. ActionTiles is “Works with SmartThings” certified.

There is NO reason that an app like Alexa cannot connect to multiple Web Services (“Connector”) SmartApp instances concurrently. You just have to maintain a list of distinct endpoints and auth_tokens for each Location and Thing…